Happpy Mediterranean People

At rUpit we consider the Mediterranean to be much more than just the sea.
The melting and merging of people and landscapes makes us what we are: a fine blend of sea brine and sand, relaxed, happy and free-spirited. We are open-hearted. We give and receive. We come and go like the waves.

Our adventure begins on this island, which feeds every collection with its character. In the small town of Sóller, we think and design our T-shirts and we infect them with the lifestyle that surrounds us: a calm sea.

From Mallorca, with love

What inspire us

Our planet is something to celebrate, and something to fight for. We like to think that whenever someone wears one of our T-shirts, they are transmitting that idea.
We are inspired by nature, good humour and by the good customs that surround us.

What move us

We believe that one is as good as his word. Rupit only works with companies that produce garments with 100% organic cotton and that use fair trade techniques in their production. We tell you where we discuss, prepare and serigraphy them because we truly believe in the people that lie behind our T-shirts. We work for the best quality of our products and for reducing costs to the environment, honestly.

100% tanguis cotton

What we believe

In addition to reducing energy consumption, we focus our effort in consciously designing our T-shirts and in helping fair trade from the beginning. We try not to be “less bad”, but to be good for the world and to make our mothers proud of what we do.

Dando la talla

We test our patterns in models of different sizes. looking for what is comfortable and becoming.

All our clothing is made in the valleys of the south of Peru, with the highest quality GOTS certified Tanguis cotton. We use 100% organic fibre which nature gives us and which you will be grateful for when in contact with your skin.

Hand in hand

We like crafts, that is the reason why we serigraphy our garments in Galicia, by hand, and one by one. We use biodegradable inks, with OEKO-TEX certificate..

Our role

Our goal is that our production is completely organic. For this reason, all the paper we use is recycled, from labels to catalogues, invoices and envelopes. It comes from nature and returns to it, without damage.

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